Wozniak pipes

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English Classics: Biliard, Lovat, Liverpool, Dublin, Cutty, Buldog, Canadian and many others. Danish Classics: Nautilus, Blowfish and others. The magic and beauty of these shapes is not transient despite the passage of time. Classic pipes leave very little space for creativity, yet they reflect pipemaker's skills and knowledge.

Autograph pipes

Autograph, freehand. An entirely authorial pipe, which final shape depends on pipemaker's invention, the grain of the briar and its quality. This is the field for author's creativity and a way of expressing emotions which accompany a pipemaker during his work. It is easy to observe where the influences come from, the form itself reflects author's talent and emotions.

Your order

Obviously you can order the pipe that entirely satisfies your preferences. Just send the drawing, a photo or description. Let’s simply talk and create something exclusively for you.

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